Friday, 27 July 2018

My Holidays

Yum! cake Yay! presents, oh not there yet let’s start like this then. On a cold Saturday morning me and neko were getting dressed ready to go to the party, a couple minutes later our nan arrived at the front door to pick us up. The party was in Dargaville it was me, Neko and Abbey going to the party we all hopped in the car and the boring drive began at first it was ok but then my nan turned the music on and the olden day songs were on I just new one of them though. To get my mind off the horrible music I just thought about the cake at the party I kept thinking which one to eat first what did my nan get my cousin's Ashley and Kase for their birthday we also had to drop off the keys to my dads car we got a $20 gift card for Kase and a barbie for Ashley. Then well I was thinking all of that I heard everyone playing I spy so I joined in, no one got my words the were m and b because no one could figure it out it was main bone I think. By then we were almost there. We waited till we were there because my nan said that's enough I spy because we were playing it for a long time. When we arrived at the party I dropped the presents off and ate a chocolate finger well I was really on the trampoline Neko just gave me it. Then later on it was lunchtime we had little red sausages, sausage rolls, chocolates and juice I took a bit of everything it didn’t take long for the chocolates to go though. After that I played some passes some rugby and a little bit of touch. The passes went on for a long time so we didn’t get to play much rugby or touch. A few minutes later it was present time as I said earlier I got Ashley a barbie and kase a $20 gift card so when Ashly opened the barbie she jumped around shouting “yay!” which I think means she likes or loves it, when kase opened his I actually didn’t see him get it because I think he got it when I went back in the kitchen to get some juice or was it punch? The next thing we did was said “goodbye” to everyone then we got in the car and drove home. I was asleep the hole way back home it was a fun day and a nice sleep too. THE END