Thursday, 29 March 2018

Taking flight recount

WALT: write a recount based on “taking flight” animation.
I will be successful when I have:
Planned my ideas to help me organise my writing.
An orientation (who, what, where, when, why, how).
Sequenced ideas with time words.
Written in first person.
Given interesting detail
Written a closing statement to sum up all my ideas.

Early this morning my dad needed to go and do grown up stuff. I wonder does he not love me anymore? Is he to busy for me now? Or does he not want me at all? All these questions and no answers. I had to get all this out of my head.
First I just stayed with grandpa for the day. Next I saw some photos on the shelf. I could not reach them because I was too small. After that I found a wagon and put it by the shelf. I got lots of boxes and put them in the wagon one by one on top of each other. It was just tall enough to reach the box of photos. I reached for the box of photos and then crash! All  the boxes came down. Luckily I was not hurt. Grandpa heard the loud noise and came rushing in. Then he said “that wagon used to be your dad's. How about we take it for a spin?” so I said “yah”.
Then my adventure began. We were in a wagon in the jungle. At first everything was quiet.Then I heard ‘eek then aaah’. After that me and my grandad both saw scary looking monkeys with red eyes. They were chasing us. We got away though. We went and dove off a cliff and we landed in a lake of crocodiles. The wagon suddenly changed into a boat. Grandpa was staring the motor at the back of the boat. Then my teddy tapped me. I did not know what he wanted so I turned around and saw a big cool waterfall. We were about to go down it.  I couldn’t look!
Suddenly the boat changed into a… Plane! Grandpa and I were soaring through the air. Ted was not liking it that much...
We stopped for a quick lunch break then ZAP! The park got zapped by a beam. Grandpa said “aliens” in a dark voice. Then the plane turned into a rocket and I got a zapper gun and we flew around shooting all the alien ships. A really massive alien ship appeared out of nowhere. I was going to zap it but my gun ran out of fuel.
Funnily enough it was just dad in his car. The lights on the car were very bright. He hopped out of the car and smiled noticing the wagon from his past.

Monday, 26 March 2018


How Kindness works Kindness is a lots of things like aroha,whanaungatanga,manaakitanga and Iots more also it is a feeling that you can give other people so that they would feel happy and appreciated.

 Kindness is used to make people happy,appreciated and respected it is also used to make people feel confident,calm and lots of other things.

 Kindness works as a feeling not something that you can pick up or smell and you can’t really see it ether. 

So in conclusion, Kindness is a very good thing in our world so keep on being kind and making other people feel kindness.

MKR cook off

MKR cook off

On Thursday I stayed home. At first I thought to myself, is today going to be boring or really fun? and it turns out it was really fun!
The first thing that I did after we dropped Neko and Abbey off was I sat in my mum’s room and I watched tvnz 2+1.  There were still some cartoons on so I watched them for a while. Then me and my mum went to drop off my dad's lunch. We stayed for a while and I said to my dad “can I hop in the tractor?” He said “yes you can.” So I hopped in the tractor. A few seconds later me and my mum both had to go home to make our sandwiches for our lunch. I had a cheese and mustard sandwich and so did my mum.

We were playing MKR.  I was the cook and my mum was the judge for the entree. I gave her a mustard and cheese sandwich and for my main course I gave her a cheese and mustard sandwich. For dessert I gave her hokey pokey ice cream with golden syrup. She loved them all I scored 28 out of 30. I scored 8 for entree, 10 for main and 10 for dessert.

A bit later the mail came we went out to get the mail it was from my nana.  She had sent up some sour lollies and juices (just so you know, my nana lives in Auckland).  I tried one of the sour lollies they were really, really sour. The lollies were huge as big as a ruler. In fact bigger!

After I ate the whole lollie, I made a cold milo with lots of milo in it. Then I got to have a sprite. I slerpit at my sprite slowly. A bit later MKR was on TV so I watched it. It was the last episode for the year.  I mainly like seeing the deserts they make than any other courses.

The day went super fast.  It was already time to pick up Neko and Abbey. I enjoyed my day, even though I felt a little bit sick after all that junk food.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

My weekend

WALHT: Write a recount about a particular moment in time using the correct structure.
To be successful I will: 

  • Begin with an orientation - who, what, when, where.
  • Sequence my events in order with time words.
  • Have a conclusion about how I felt.

My weekend

In my weekend early in the morning I drove to Dargaville. In Dargaville me, my nanny, my cousin and other cousin all went into the warehouse to get my cousin Caleb his present from me. We all decided to get him a fidget cube.
After that we went back into the car and carried on going to get to the birthday party for my cousin Caleb. We played eye spy on the way there no one could guess mine so everyone gave up it was dashboard.
Then we pulled up to my auntie's driveway. The first thing we did was unpack the car. Next we went inside and said hi to everyone. After that I went outside and played bat down. Later on everyone else ended up playing bat down. Then we got told that the water slide was ready so I quickly got in my togs and ran straight to the water slide. I went back a bit and waited for the soap to go on the water slide. When the water slide was really slippery I stood back then ran straight onto the water slide 'Zoom!' I went down very fast but I didn't get to the end of the water slide. I ended up sliding off the side of the water slide and into the mud. A bit later in the day I jumped in the trof and got clean. Then we ate the cake. After that we got dry and dressed then packed the car and headed off home. 


WALT: Write an explanation text about 'friendship'
Success Criteria: I will - 
  • Have a title, introduction, description, process and conclusion
  • Use topic specific vocabulary
  • self-assess myself to see where I think I am writing at.


Being a good friend means that you show
respect to your friends and show appreciation
to them you be kind and positive to them and be
trustworthy towards them so that they can rely on
you for anything like if they need you to get or do something
for them but don’t do anything that might get you in trouble or that
might get you hurt. Also if your friend is not nice or kind to you
don’t be his or her friend anymore.

Being a good friend means sharing with your friend.
Complimenting them when the do something good or great.
You should also be caring for them.
Show aroha, manaakitanga, whanaungatanga and all the other waka
hoe values towards them and appreciate them for who they
are not for what other people want them to be.

So in conclusion, if you show any kind of behaviour to someone
they will show that same behaviour to you. So be kind to people
if you want to be treated kind as well.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Coding with Scratch Jr

WALT: Follow introductions
To be successful I will: 
  • Screen shot my learning
  • Explain what I am doing in steps
  • Use the picture clues in 'Scratch' to help me

These are some screen shots that I did of 'scratch' with the moon rising and the sun setting.