Thursday, 28 March 2019

Batik artwork

Batik artwork

This morning we created a piece of artwork using crayon and dye.

firstly, we watched the video explaining what we had to do. Then we were given a piece of paper to draw a Fish. We drew with pencils, then we choose three colours to colour our fish. Next we outlined it in black crayon to make it stand out once this was done we had to get it checked Then we needed to colour in the background blue ,purple and green. Then we dyed the picture with black dye. After that we crushed the piece of paper to make it look more like batik art. Then we put some more black dye on the piece of paper that was crushed. After that we put it on a blue piece of paper with a little message that said the walt. 

Sentence stucture

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Work with whaea ani

My favorite part in the story was when Crystal, Jack, Tia and Manaia made the tree house with their parents because both of the families helped each other by supplying each other with the materials.
I drew the scene that I liked the most