Friday, 20 October 2017

Recount Writing

WALT use the correct structure and language for Recount Writing.
At my Nanny’s house
On a sunny Friday afternoon my Nan came over to my house. She came over to say hi. I asked her if I could stay at her house for the night. She said, “Yes.” So I got ready to go. As soon as I was ready I quickly ate all my dinner and had some dessert. Then I ran off to the car and waved goodbye to my mum and dad. When I got to my Nans house I helped my Nan with dinner. I gave my papa his dinner and sat down and watched TV. By the time my papa had finished his dinner, it was time to fed the lambs. Then my nan and I made the milk for the lambs. After my nan and I finished making the milk, we put it into plastic bottles then into a bucket. After that I asked my papa if I could feed the lambs with him. He said, “Yes.” So I got a jumper on and went out to fed the lambs. I was really excited about feeding the lambs. My legs were freezing. I thought my legs were going to break off but it was a good thing that I had a jumper on. I still went out to feed the lambs. Then me and my nan picked some strawberries for dessert. I had some chocolate pudding. I also got to have some strawberry pudding afterwards. By the time I had finished my strawberry pudding it was bed time so I walked off to bed.

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