Wednesday, 14 March 2018

My weekend

WALHT: Write a recount about a particular moment in time using the correct structure.
To be successful I will: 

  • Begin with an orientation - who, what, when, where.
  • Sequence my events in order with time words.
  • Have a conclusion about how I felt.

My weekend

In my weekend early in the morning I drove to Dargaville. In Dargaville me, my nanny, my cousin and other cousin all went into the warehouse to get my cousin Caleb his present from me. We all decided to get him a fidget cube.
After that we went back into the car and carried on going to get to the birthday party for my cousin Caleb. We played eye spy on the way there no one could guess mine so everyone gave up it was dashboard.
Then we pulled up to my auntie's driveway. The first thing we did was unpack the car. Next we went inside and said hi to everyone. After that I went outside and played bat down. Later on everyone else ended up playing bat down. Then we got told that the water slide was ready so I quickly got in my togs and ran straight to the water slide. I went back a bit and waited for the soap to go on the water slide. When the water slide was really slippery I stood back then ran straight onto the water slide 'Zoom!' I went down very fast but I didn't get to the end of the water slide. I ended up sliding off the side of the water slide and into the mud. A bit later in the day I jumped in the trof and got clean. Then we ate the cake. After that we got dry and dressed then packed the car and headed off home. 

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