Monday, 26 March 2018

MKR cook off

MKR cook off

On Thursday I stayed home. At first I thought to myself, is today going to be boring or really fun? and it turns out it was really fun!
The first thing that I did after we dropped Neko and Abbey off was I sat in my mum’s room and I watched tvnz 2+1.  There were still some cartoons on so I watched them for a while. Then me and my mum went to drop off my dad's lunch. We stayed for a while and I said to my dad “can I hop in the tractor?” He said “yes you can.” So I hopped in the tractor. A few seconds later me and my mum both had to go home to make our sandwiches for our lunch. I had a cheese and mustard sandwich and so did my mum.

We were playing MKR.  I was the cook and my mum was the judge for the entree. I gave her a mustard and cheese sandwich and for my main course I gave her a cheese and mustard sandwich. For dessert I gave her hokey pokey ice cream with golden syrup. She loved them all I scored 28 out of 30. I scored 8 for entree, 10 for main and 10 for dessert.

A bit later the mail came we went out to get the mail it was from my nana.  She had sent up some sour lollies and juices (just so you know, my nana lives in Auckland).  I tried one of the sour lollies they were really, really sour. The lollies were huge as big as a ruler. In fact bigger!

After I ate the whole lollie, I made a cold milo with lots of milo in it. Then I got to have a sprite. I slerpit at my sprite slowly. A bit later MKR was on TV so I watched it. It was the last episode for the year.  I mainly like seeing the deserts they make than any other courses.

The day went super fast.  It was already time to pick up Neko and Abbey. I enjoyed my day, even though I felt a little bit sick after all that junk food.

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