Wednesday, 30 August 2017

recount writing

I am learning to use the correct structure and language for Recount writing.
My 9th birthday
Last Tuesday it was my birthday. First I took a cake to school to share with my class. The cake was a delicious, sweet chocolate cake with silky chocolate icing on top of it.
When we cut the cake up me and my class ate all of it.
Everyone enjoyed eating the cake. They all said how yummy and delicious it was.
When I got home my mum had a big and amazing cake ready for me and my family.
We had chicken burgers for dinner. Once my family ate all their chicken burgers, my mum got out the cake and put candle on my delicious birthday cake. I blew out the candles and my family ate all the cake. I ate some cake too.
After that I went to bed my mum read me a book. It was called Dakota of the White Flats.
It was a really funny book.

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